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Touch Panel 5 Inch

Touch Panel 5 Inch

Parameters ITEM No.: XHC-500073-GG Product Type.: CTP Size:5 inch Structure:0.7mm LENs +0.55mm ITO Glass Outline Dimension : 122.70 *77.80mm View Area:109.00*65.80 mm Total Thickness:1.40mm Notes for use: 1. Interference problem: Because the capacitance screen is touch the surface by detecting...

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    ITEM No.: XHC-500073-GG

    Product Type.: CTP

    Size:5  inch

    Structure:0.7mm LENs +0.55mm ITO Glass

    Outline Dimension : 122.70 *77.80mm

    View Area:109.00*65.80 mm

    Total Thickness:1.40mm

    Notes for use:

    1. Interference problem:Because the capacitance screen is touch the surface by detecting the change of capacitance 

        signal to realize the touch function, is vulnerable to the interference of external electromagnetic environment, so should 

       let the capacitance screen away from disturbance sources as far as possible, and the interference sources mainly from 

        the LCD panel and power supply.Client installed, it is recommended that the large size of capacitive screen and liquid 

        crystal screen saver at or above the 1.5 mm spacing, power also suggested that try to choose better quality power, in 

        order to prevent the interference signal is too strong and unable to touch.

        When a single tp is tested.Please put the insulation material (such as foam) under tp before test, and after moving tp or 

        unplugging FPC during test, you need to replug the usb cable to ensure normal touch control.

    2. Improper operation results in damage to tp: As there is direct exposure of the circuit on the back of tp, it is easy to 

        be damaged by hard objects, so please take tp lightly.In addition, FPC is also a vulnerable part, the strength of folding to 

        be gentle, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of death.

    3. The touch control effect is not ideal. For the first time send samples out sometimes touch the effect is not ideal, such 

        as the jumping point, break line, the phenomenon such as slow response, please don't try so hard, because the sample is 

        only for single tp for debugging, may be different from the machine environment, need for the whole machine is optimized.

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