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Capacitive touch screen touch screen automatic detection function method!
- Aug 17, 2018 -


An automatic testing method of capacitive touch screen is used to test the assembly tolerance between the display panel and the induction panel of the capacitive touch screen.The transparent substrate is moved above the capacitive touch screen, and the conductive elements touch the touch test point of the capacitive touch screen.The images of the display panel and induction panel assembly corners and touch test points are captured respectively.A current loop is formed between the capacitive touch screen and the conductive element, so that the capacitive touch screen displays the inductive point of the corresponding touch test point. The image of the touch test point captured contains the image of the inductive point.Judging from the captured image whether the distance value of the edge deviation from the display panel is within the allowable range, and whether the distance value of the induction point deviation from the touch test point is within the allowable range, if both are within the allowable range, the capacitive touch screen test is qualified.The invention can achieve automatic test and improve test precision.