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5 Inch 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel

I、 Description: I I 、 FA Q : 1、Q: How can get the datasheet ? Please send the email to:, we will reply you in 24hours. 1、Q: Is the product I choose available?When can you deliver the goods? A: Standard and large-size touch screens are generally available, and special sizes...

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    I、 Description: 

    4-layers PET+double ITO films+Tempered glass resisitve touch panel for automatic mobile 



    5” inch

    Item No.



    PET 0.188mm+ITO film 0.188mm+ITO film 0.188mm+Tempered glass

    Outline dimension


    View Area


    Total  thickness


    Cover glass treatments


    Operating system

    Android, Linux, Win CE, Win7,Win8, XP

    Operating Condition

    -10℃ to 60℃,  ≤90% RH

    Storage condition

    -20℃ to 70℃,  ≤90% RH



    Surface Hardness





    1、Q:How can get the datasheet?

    Please send the email to:, we will reply you in 24hours.

    1、Q:Is the product I choose available?When can you deliver the goods?

    A: Standard and large-size touch screens are generally available, and special sizes may need a certain

    amount of production time. Please contact our customer service, the payment order will be delivered in

    the same day before 16:00, otherwise,the order will be delivered in the next day. (Subject to the actual


    2、QHow long the delivery time? Is it safe to transport?

    A:  In 24hours for existing products. 8-12workdays for new design samples, and 10-15workdays for bulk

    order. Our goods are all packed with super thick cartons, safe protection, can effectively protect the

    goods, please feel assured!

    3、Q:About capacitive screen installation ?

    A:  Touch panel composed of glass screen+FPC、controller card、USB wire,  one end of FPC insert in

    controller card, and the other end of controller card connect USB wire, specific details can be obtained

    from customer service.

    Please pay attention! When installation, must be very careful not to pull across the screen and FPC,

    because once the damage, capacitance screen will not be able to repair, can only be scrapped, but

    because of man-made damage to the screen, liability shall be borne by the individual, our company

    is not liable for return.

    4、QWhat if we need to return the goods?

    A: The goods sold in accordance with the requirements of return and replacement shall be returned within

    7 days from the date of sale (whichever is the actual date of delivery) and shall be replaced within 15 days.

    5Q:I want to return the goods, but I have damaged the packaging and foam. Can I return the goods?

    A:  the return and replacement principle of this store is that we can't affect our secondary sales.For example,

    the packaging, foam and accessories have been damaged by the customers. Because of the influence

    on our secondary sales, we have the right to refuse to return the goods.If dear friends need to handle the

    return at the time of return to our warehouse, because express reason lead to broken screen crack

    phenomena, such as the need to personally with the express company to negotiate and

    compensation (because express only listen to a party) 

    6、Q: Can I customize the product as my requirements?

    A: Certainly yes, customization offer from customers are most welcome in our company.

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